& Miles

& Miles of Sand

For as far as you can see it seems to be never-ending sand (but its only 7 miles according to the guide books)

Camber Sands

Take your own blanket or Beach Towel - Your not going to get pestered by Pedro selling you a few hours on a deckchair. 

Take a picnic and a ball for the kids (or the dog) and you will be chillin' for the day.

Don't forget to take the sun screen,  it may only be the UK but the wind that comes off the sea is going to keep you cool while also burning your a***e. 

Take some water in your picnic basket cooler section, and your favourite wine (and throw in a few tin's for the old man). 

If you don't fancy lumbering along the sand with half the contents of the fridge and a shopping basket, take a walk along the beach and through the dunes and you will find a lovely little Pub/Restaurant called "The Owl".   

A few friends, 'er indoors and myself had a Sunday Lunch there a few months ago, roundabout March i think. It was superb. We had a Fish Slate (sharing platter type thingy) to bung in the middle of the table (plenty for four of us) as an appetiser. It had Smoked Mackerel pate, chilli and garlic prawns, Smoked Salmon, Cajun Whitebait, salt & pepper Squid, lemon garlic mayo, pea shoots and a selection of breads. - I bet your mouth is watering just reading/thinking about it. 

Camber Sands is known for its sandy beach, dunes and its flat and calm nature but there is some important safety information you should be aware of:

  • Beware of fast incoming tides - check the tide times

  • Beware of sandbars - don't get cut off by the tide

  • Always wear clothing designed for swimming - when wet, normal clothes can cause you to sink!

  • Beware of soft sand and mud exposed at low tide

  • Do not dig deep holes or tunnels in the sand

  • Weeverfish can sting, wear suitable footwear when paddling at low tide

  • Alcohol and swimming don't mix

  • Stay away from groynes and outfall pipes

  • Keep clear of the Harbour entrance, there are very strong currents and boats in the area.

  • Safety signs are located along the foreshore, make sure you read the information and familiarise yourself with the environment.

Speak to our Coastal Officer, beach patrol staff or the RNLI lifeguards if you are unsure.

Camber Sands

Camber Sands is a little unusual for a Sussex beach and the reason is in the name. Yes, sands! Unlike most beaches along the Sussex coast which are lined with pebbles and shingle held in place by a series of groynes, Camber Sands is covered in fine, golden sand. Not only that but Camber is home to the only sand dunes in East Sussex.
The best section of beach is the western end near where the River Rother empties into the sea. Here it is wall to wall sand whilst further along the beach becomes more shingley. It’s a big beach too, stretching nearly 5 miles east of the village. As the tide drops out it becomes even bigger with swathes of wet sand revealed – just the sort for making sandcastles!
Camber Sands is a popular windsurfing / kite-surfing spot which might suggest it is worth packing a windbreak. The beach is also regarded as one of the best places for beachcombing in the UK.
Despite its fantastic natural assets Camber Sands remains largely unspoilt. For the larger part of the year there is a good chance of finding some solitude here. Even in the height of summer the crowds are bearable even though it is within 2 hours of London.

For the adrenalin junkies you can experience the thrill of Kite-surfing or many other sea based activities along the Camber Sands beach.